Horrible Bosses

The summer of inappropriate and raunchy comedies continues this week with the release of Horrible Bosses. The comedy, directed by Seth Gordon, stars Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day as hapless men stuck in jobs with truly terrible bosses. The trio’s bosses are played with epic glee by Kevin Spacey, Colin Farrell and Jennifer Aniston. Tired of their constant belittlement, harassment and insults, the trio decide to kill their bosses, which leads to a series of madcap adventures, including the solicitation of advice from “convict” Jamie Foxx on how to get away with the crimes.

Chock full of laughs, this film comes in a close second to only Bridesmaids for summer comedies on my list. With actors such as Spacey chewing the scenery, and Bateman delivering his patented everyman straight guy routine, the film does a great job of making light of a situation we have all found ourselves in at some point.  It should be noted that this film is pretty inappropriate at times. From a mildly misogynist plotline (between Aniston & Day) and several homophobic comments, this film will be an equal-offender to many people, despite its comedic tone.

Aniston delivers a delicious turn from her traditional good-girl roles as the sexual predator, superior of Charlie Day, and reminds us of her range, which has rarely been on display since it first appeared in The Good Girl. Spacey channels his Swimming With Sharks ethos, and is pitch-perfect, while Farrell becomes more of a caricature as Sudeikis new in-over-his-head boss. The play between leads Bateman, Sudeikis and Day works well, and we can most likely expect to see them re-teamed at some point in the future based on this dynamic. Not quite the pinnacle of comedy trios (Bradley Cooper, Zack Galifianakis and Ed Helm) this summer, but fairly good.

Not for the kids, with explicit language, near-nudity, drugs and comedic violence, the film is a good night for adults in need of a laugh, and will hold us over till Crazy, Stupid Love, 30 Minutes or Less and Our Idiot Brother hit town in August.

Horrible Bosses is playing at Cinemark Cinemas at El Con Mall starting July 8, 3601 E. Broadway Boulevard. For showtimes visits Cinemark.com.


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