“The Ides of March”

We’re all about to be literally beaten to death with both quality films in search of an Academy Award, and then, shortly after that, by10 months straight of campaign ads for the upcoming presidential election. Neatly capturing both of these elements into one two- hour package is the excellent political thriller “the Ides of March.”

Closely tapping into the cynicism that has recently swept the nation, comes the latest George Clooney directed film that blends drama, intrigue and betrayal into a thoroughly enjoyable fable. Led by a strong cast that includes Clooney, Ryan Gosling, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti and Evan Rachel Wood, the story moves at a rapid pace towards a somewhat predictable conclusion that is also full of red herrings and double crosses.

Ryan Gosling plays Stephen Myers, an aide to a presidential candidate, and sitting Governor, Mike Morris (Clooney.) Blinded by his passion and belief in both Morris and the platform he helped construct, Myers faces several character defining moments and needs all of his wiles to navigate the resulting outcome. This film echoes the last election cycle mood, and foreshadows the current miasma many feel. With strong performances from several actors, this movie will most likely be in the hunt come February for several awards.

Gosling continues to impress with his range and delivery that seems beyond his years and Both Hoffman & Giamatti and spot-on perfect as creatures of habit inhabiting a system that cannot, and will not change.

“The Ides of March” is playing at Century 20 El Con Cinema at El Con Mall, 3601 East Broadway. 202-3358.


About Herb Stratford

Arts and culture writer and film reviewer. Historic theatre restoration consultant. Artist and arts educator.
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