Sundance Film Festival 2012

With 21 films under my belt from their year’s Sundance Film Festival I am happy to report that there are some excellent films heading our way in the near future. Below is a list of the good, the OK and the bad…you’ve been warned!

The good stuff:

• Goats (Filmed in Tucson, a Tucson story!)

• West of Memphis – Documentary

• Queen of Versailles – Documentary

• The Pact – Horror flick

• The Raid – Action flick

• Wrong (My favorite narrative film)

• Save the Date

• Bachelorette (Really great comedy, like Bridesmaids)


So-So films I saw:

• Wish You Were Here

• Madrid, 1987

• Nobody Walks

• Black Rock

• Detropia – Documentary


AVOID these films:

• I am Not A Hipster

• Lay The Favorite

• Simon Killer

• The End of Love

• Red Lights

• The Perception of Moving Targets (So Bad…)


Other Films I heard good buzz about:

• Beasts of the Southern Wild

• Liberal Arts

• For A good time Call

• Arbitrage

• Robot and Frank

• Celeste and Jesse Forever


About Herb Stratford

Arts and culture writer and film reviewer. Historic theatre restoration consultant. Artist and arts educator.
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1 Response to Sundance Film Festival 2012

  1. Barry says:

    The Raid was something else! Maybe the best action film I’ve ever seen. And I totally agree with you on Wrong, one of my favorites too. But Goats? I don’t get that. You must be a little biased because of its Tuscon setting. I live here too, and I thought it was no better than a sitcom. All of the actors were playing complete caricatures, one-dimensional versions of the characters in The Kids Are All Right.

    Simon Killer, The End of Love and Perception of Moving Targets were all interesting films, they deserve more than a simple dismissal. Simon was dark and unpleasant, one of the more polarizing films at the fest, but certainly not unanimously hated. A grimy noir with such complete creative control of its atmosphere that I could forgive its narrative shortcomings. Campos is a director to watch. Moving Targets was perhaps way too experimental for the Sundance crowd, but quite a few people in my audience seemed engaged with it. It challenged my usual mode of watching films, it opened my eyes to a totally different approach to filmmaking. The End of Love had a few wonderful performances. I thought the core relationship between father and son came off as extremely real and poignant.


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