Film Release Dates

As with all things, these dates are subject to change, and as such are only a starting point for when a particular movie may come out. Often Tucson is behind the curve with some releases, so a film may open in Phoenix earlier than in Tucson. Some of the films listed here are screening at the Loft cinema. Below is the most current list of films scheduled for late July through December of 2012.

20-Jul Dark Knight Rises
20-Jul The Invisible War
20-Jul Dark Horse
27-Jul The Watch
27-Jul Step Up 4
27-Jul Beasts of the Southern Wild
27-Jul The Pact
27-Jul Kumare
27-Jul Take This Waltz
3-Aug Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
3-Aug Total Recall
3-Aug Bill W.
10-Aug The Campaign
10-Aug The Bourn Legacy
10-Aug Hope Springs
10-Aug AiWeiwei: Never Sorry
17-Aug Queen of Versailles
15-Aug The Odd Life of Timothy Green
17-Aug Paranorman
17-Aug The Expendables 2
17-Aug Sparkle
24-Aug Premium Rush
24-Aug The Apparation
24-Aug Hit and Run
31-Aug The Possession
31-Aug Lawless
7-Sep The Words
7-Sep Cold Light of Day
14-Sep Finding Nemo 3D
14-Sep Arbitage
14-Sep Resident Evil: Retribution
14-Sep ARGO
21-Sep Hotel Transylvania
21-Sep House at the End of the Street
21-Sep Killing them Softly
28-Sep Looper
28-Sep Won’t Back Down
5-Oct Frankenweenie
5-Oct Pitch Perfect
12-Oct Gambit
26-Oct Skyfall
2-Nov Wreck-It Ralph
2-Nov Seven Psycopaths
16-Nov Twilight Saga: BD Part 2
7-Dec Les Miserables
14-Dec The Hobbit – Part I
21-Dec This is 40

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